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Eli Gancena

1992. Based in Toronto.

Graphic Design

Copywriting / Creative Development
Marketing & Advertising
Web / Print Editorial
Branding & Identity
Print / Web Collateral

Web Development

HTML / CSS / JS / JQuery / PHP
WordPress / Drupal / Perch
WAMP / AMP Stack
Social Media / SEO / Analytics


  • Skill Level: 80%
  • Adobe Illustrator CC Skill Level: 95%
  • Adobe Photoshop CC Skill Level: 65%
  • Adobe AfterEffects CC Skill Level: 75%
  • Adobe InDesign CC Skill Level: 85%
  • Sublime / Codekit
Years of Experience


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Retail Council of Canada, Toronto

Web Developer / Web Content Specialist 2014
The Retail Council of Canada is a not-for-profit, industry-funded association representing more than 45,000 store fronts of all retail formats across Canada, including department, specialty, discount, and independent stores, and online merchants. Combining my experiences in retail, marketing, and web development I joined the RCC's marketing team to focus and redevelop all online initiatives.

Media Mountain, Alberta

Freelance Full Stack Developer, Consultant 2014
Working with Media Mountain (Lethbridge, Alberta) as a freelance consultant for website and web application development, i’ve had the opportunity to work with companies from smb to fortune 500 on projects ranging from simple wordpress integration to building online experiences with the potential to shift industry standards.

Apple Inc.

Specialist, Visual Lead 2013-2014
Hired to grow into a creative role, I was given the opportunity to lead brand standards within Apple's retail teams. Working collaboratively with Store Leaders and corporate directives, my responsibilities included training the visuals team in Apple's retail technology branding standards and merchandizing, as well as overseeing the installation of seasonal merchandizing fixtures and elements.

C3 Toronto.

Designer 2013 - 2014
Shortly after their official launch, I was brought on board the creative team to handle designs for online marketing in newsletters and social media outlets. Working with the creative leads, Alyssa Yuhas and Shane Yuhas, I also handled presentation slides, photography and short film projects.

Couch & Associates, Ontario

Marketing Designer 2013
Hired fresh out of college I had the opportunity to work with the VP of Marketing and the Marketing Team to standardize the internal branding for both print and web platforms including white papers, landing pages, and social media outlets.

Inbox Fitness, Ontario

Ecommerse Designer 2013
Working alongside the creative director, I was responsible for providing all brand standard images and web development for Inbox Fitness' interactive web and email advertising campaigns.